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The Dainty Pear Mother's Day Stationary Set

The Dainty Pear Mother's Day Stationary Set

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Jorunal Color

It's the little things that make life special. Give your mom the gift of preserving memories, leaving a note or sending special messages to those she loves.

The Dainty Pair stationary set includes a gorgeous La Foi, lay-flat journal. Perfect for sketching or note taking.

A lovely set of 9 greeting cards are perfect to have on hand to send for special occasions.

Top it off with your choice of TDP Co. tote bag and Baby, Baby, Baby Steps Notepad. This beautiful bag is ideal to carry all her daily necessities, throw in our darling notepad for lists and leaving a note of love and encouragement and you've got the perfect gift! 

Set Includes:                                                                                                                             La Foi Journal, Greeting Card Set, your choice of The Dainty Pear Co. Tote Bag & Baby, Baby, Baby Steps Notepad